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We would like to welcome you to our practice. We are unique in that we combine high tech dentistry along with a high touch personal professional care. We believe you will find our practice to be very caring, considerate, and service oriented. Our office is state of the art, dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest quality of dental care available today.

We believe it is a privilege to have the opportunity to provide you with dental care. It is our pledge to serve you with high-quality dentistry, superior service in a friendly and caring environment. We are preventive oriented and desire to assist you in maintaining a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

Our office is modern and utilizes high tech technology with state of the art equipment. We maintain a high standard of cleanliness and strictly adhere to the infection control guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control. When you come to our office you can be assured that your overall health and well-being are our major concern.

Instrument Sterilization
We strictly adhere to the infection control guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control. These measures minimize the risk of cross-infection from dentist to patient, patient to dentist or patient to patient. When you come into this office you can be assured that your overall health and well being are our major concern.

Dr. Madden and his staff are highly trained in the delivery of a wide range of dental services. We are experienced in providing dental care for children and adults. The professional services we provide include cosmetic and comprehensive family dentistry, crown and bridge, cosmetic tooth bleaching, endodontics (root canals), dental implants, fixed and removable prosthodontics (dentures), routine oral surgery (extractions) and conservative periodontic therapy. We take the cosmetic approach to all of our dental services. We appreciate the importance of providing dentistry that not only functions properly but also looks and feels natural. You can be assured that we will utilize the most up to date techniques and technology in the delivery of your dental care.

Sterile enviroment

Dentistry like other aspects of our lives has benefited from technology. Our office has implemented a number of these technological advancements in an effort to provide you the most up to date care available today.

  • Digital X-rays This technological advancement allows us to take dental x-rays with up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Additionally, digital x-rays are available for interpretation almost immediately. Digital x-rays are extremely accurate and clearly define any dental pathology that may be associated with your teeth and supporting bone.
  • Diagnodent Laser Scanner This particular instrument allows us to detect tooth decay in its early stages. With the traditional method, the dentist used a dental explorer (probe/pick) to probe for dental tooth decay. Unfortunately, this method did not permit the dentist to detect tooth decay until your tooth suffered more detectable damage. No longer is this a problem. The Diagnodent is a very accurate instrument that uses laser fluorescence to detect decay in its early stages. Thus, we are able to repair the damage with minimal loss of natural tooth structure and many times at less cost.
  • Intra-oral Camera This device is a miniature video camera that displays a picture of the inside of your mouth. The intra-oral camera permits you to see what we see and allows you to be a knowledgeable participant in each dental decision.
  • Metal Free Restorations Today we are able to place metal free restorations in your mouth. These are state of the art restorations that permit us to correct problems so the final result looks like a natural tooth. Not only are we able to place routine metal free restorations but also metal free crowns. These crowns are computer generated and are very accurate in fit and extremely durable. Metal-free crowns are aesthetically superior; you will be delighted with the difference!

Dental Reception

Payment is expected at the time of service. Payment arrangements can be made with our office but must be done so prior to any treatment. Our fees are competitive with other dentists in the Littleton area.

Insurance & Payment Plans
Our office participates with most major insurance plans in the metropolitan area. As part of our service to you, our accounts manager will submit your insurance to your carrier at no additional charge. We will also be happy to assist you with any problem concerning your insurance benefits. However, we consider you, not your insurance company, to be responsible for payment of your account.

We want you to be informed about your dental treatment. Written estimates and pre-treatment consultations are provided. Pre-treatment estimates are submitted to your insurance company at no additional charge. We do offer payment plans to assist you in payment. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

Our staff is what truly differentiates our office from other dental practices. Our team members will continually strive to make your dental visit an enjoyable experience. Our staff members are experienced, professionally trained, and personable. They excel at what they do because they enjoy their work and are accomplished professionals. Most importantly, they care about you!

The dental hygienist is an important member of our dental health team. Our dental hygienists are graduates of certified dental hygiene programs. You will not only find them to be gentle but also knowledgeable and thorough in providing you your dental hygiene care. We consider your professional hygiene care to be most important in assisting you to maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

For your convenience, we work by appointment. Should you need to re-schedule your appointment, please give our office a 24-hour notice so that someone else may use that time. Missed appointments are a significant contributor to rising healthcare costs. Please help us in controlling these costs.

Emergency Services
Our office provides 24-hour emergency dental service for our patients. If you have a dental emergency during business hours call us at (303) 973-5859, we will arrange to see you as soon as possible. Should you have a dental emergency after business hours please call (303) 890-4452. Use a touch-tone phone to touch in your phone number and Dr. Madden will return your call immediately.

Patient Form


“Dear Dr. Madden,

You are the BEST dentist there is. I have not worn lower teeth in 50 years. I had dentures made for my lower teeth but I could never use them. I am wearing the lower teeth you made for me and it is a miracle! You and your staff are Angels. Thank you. I wish to write on your web page my beautiful experience.”